Sleeping with the Enemy

“What I liked about this book is that the author portrays the Arabs and Jews equally as people fighting for their families and to preserve a way of life. I thought the depiction of the squabbles between the various Jewish factions was well done and showed how cohesion and cooperation was largely impossible. The dissension among Arab factions was insightful, also. The romance was bittersweet. I rarely give 5 stars but this is an exceptional book.” *****

“A fast-paced and intriguing novel, I recommend it highly for any one who has a love of history and who enjoys a good love story set in tumultuous times.” *****

Palestine 1933.  Jews flood into the country fleeing persecution in Europe, settling the land that has for centuries belonged to the local Arab muktars.

Sarah Landauer and Rishou Hass’an are divided by the barbed wire of the kibbutz and by their religion, yet still fall in love.  As tensions rise in the country, they are torn away from each other.

A decade later, Sarah works for the Haganah, the outlawed Jewish intelligence service; Rishou is in Jerusalem, trying to stay out of a war he does not believe in.  As the whole country descends into chaos, they find each other again, and this time, they cannot stay apart.

When the British leave for good, the Jews and Arabs prepare for the final battle of Jerusalem. Sarah and Rishou meet in secret, keeping their affair hidden even from those that they love. But finally they must face their destiny, forced to choose between their love for each other and their loyalty and duty to their own people.

What is the right choice?

Two lovers. Two religions. One homeland.