About Colin Falconer

epic adventure fiction

Born in London, Colin started out in advertising, then became a freelance journalist. Later he gravitated to radio and television, and started writing novels.

He has published seventeen novels so far, and been lucky enough to have them translated into 24 languages. Real ones too, not just Esperanto and cockney rhyming slang.

He’s best known for historical adventure fiction – stories on an epic scale.  His bestselling books include ‘Silk Road’, ‘Feathered Serpent’, ‘When We Were Gods’ and ‘Harem’.  His latest epic release is ‘Lord of the Atlas’. 

Colin has also written three medieval fiction novels, some modern historicals, and a crime series, featuring DI Charlie George, a detective in a North London murder squad, published by Little, Brown in London.

His other passions are his two spaniels, Charlie and George. Charlie is the extrovert, you’ll see him around a lot, especially on his Facebook page. You won’t see George, he’s cute but camera shy. You’ll make Charlie’s tail wag if you follow them on Facebook. It’s where readers can have a chat with Colin and stay in the loop on special offers and latest releases.

All of Colin’s currently-in-print books are featured on this website and are for sale in eBook and paperback on AMAZON – just click the buttons below.  They will soon be out on audio.