About Colin Falconer

Welcome to my website, thanks for checking out my books. You’ll notice I’ve written across several genres, though most of my novels are historical adventure. Research has allowed me feed my other passion – travel. It’s really important to me to visit the places I write about, so I’ve travelled the Silk Road, chased black witches in Mexico, climbed the ramparts at Ait Benhaddoun in the Atlas mountains, and canoed through the Okavango delta…

I have certainly had a lucky life. That I’ve made a decent living as an author for almost my entire adult life astonishes me. It certainly astonishes my family. I was born in North London, and my relatives all came from places like Bethnal Green, Dagenham and Hackney. My first word was ‘blimey’.

A promising career as an elite football player was cut tragically short because I wasn’t very good at it and I used to occasionally play the guitar in pubs. My only claim to fame from those days is completing all the verses of All You Need is Love during a bar fight in the Stella Maris Sailors Club.

After a short stint in advertising – it’s a great business, 90% lunch and 10% commission – I became a freelance journalist. I quickly gravitated to radio and television, and finally, miraculously, ended up as a novelist.

I admit I almost threw it in at one stage to become a full-time paramedic. The black humour characteristic of my crime novels probably comes from those days. I discovered that it was heartwarming saving people’s lives but it’s much more fun thinking of new and inventive ways to kill them, and that’s how I found my way into crime fiction.

I’ve published twenty-six novels so far, and been lucky enough to have them translated into 24 languages. Real ones too, not just Esperanto and cockney rhyming slang.

I now live near the river in a beautiful city that time forgot with a woman who not only puts up with me, but also keeps me focused on the business end of writing. Our two spaniels are Charlie and George. Charlie is the extrovert, you’ll see him around a lot, especially on my Facebook pages; he’s the one with the great lolling tongue and sad droopy eyes – no, wait that’s me. You won’t see George, he’s cute but camera shy – definitely not like me. You’ll make Charlie’s tail wag if you click the icon to follow us on Facebook.

Facebook is also where readers can have a chat and stay in the loop on special offers and latest releases.

If you’d like to get in touch, please do. I answer every email except the rude ones. And if you’re that banker from Burkina Faso, I’m still waiting for my share of the ten-million-pound inheritance you promised me.

Thank you for reading my books, hope you enjoy them.



Colin Falconer’s books have been translated into 24 languages.  He is best known for historical adventure fiction – stories on an epic scale.  His bestselling books include ‘Silk Road’, ‘Aztec’ and ‘Harem’.  His latest epic release is ‘Lord of the Atlas’. 

Colin has also written three medieval fiction novels, some modern historicals, and recently ventured cross-genre, writing a crime series, featuring DI Charlie George, a detective in a North London murder squad.  His latest crime novel, ‘Cry Justice’, has just been released by Little, Brown in London.

All of Colin’s currently-in-print books are featured on this website and on his Facebook author page, and are for sale in eBook, paperback and hardback on AMAZON.