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Call the accused.

isabella, braveheart, king of england

You are Edward Plantagenet, King Edward the Second of England, son of the one they called Longshanks,?

This is a farce. I am the king, I am answerable to no one.

You are charged by History with gross incompetence in the performing of your duties and with being an effeminate homosexual. What do you say to that?

isabella, braveheart, king of england

I would say give me your sword, and you would see how effeminate I am.

I’ll fillet you clean and stick your head on a post for the birds.


Let us first discuss your wife, the queen. She alleges she shared her marriage bed with another man.

Does she say there was three of us in it at once? She would say anything if it suited her purpose, that woman. Like this drivel here.

She alleges that you neglected her, that you were in love with another, a former squire called Piers Gaveston.

Braveheart, Isabella, Edward IIShe was 12 years old when I married her!

Did she think I would ravish her that first night? What sort of animal do you think I am?

Besides it was a marriage made for political reasons, her father’s and mine. She knew that.

But when she reached a child-bearing age. Did you not ignore her?

We had four children. What does that tell you?

That you slept with her four times.

Isabella, king of england, braveheart

photo: Penny Mayes

And you still think me effeminate?

I would say four bull’s eyes from four arrows is damn good archery in any time and place.

Can you boast the same?


But you did love Gaveston more?

isabella, braveheart, she-wolf

Of course I did. What’s wrong with that?

If Piers had been a woman would anyone have sneered behind my back, would that have coloured their opinion?

If he were my mistress they would have laughed and clapped me on the back and made up bawdy rhymes praising my manhood.

Sleep with one man and they say you are a bad king. Sleep with a hundred women you are Henry the Eighth.

You never loved her, then?

Braveheart, Edward II, IsabellaNo, I never loved her, not in that way, but what men do love their wives? That is not the purpose of marriage, it wasn’t in my day anyway.

But I was fond of her. I took care of her in every way. She had nothing to complain of.

But she did, didn’t she, by God!


She tried to warn you about this Piers Gaveston. You provoked your barons by sleeping with him and giving him favours and raising him above his station.

I ruled by the divine right of kings! I am answerable to God for what I do, no one else!

I did not need my barons’ permission to make him Duke of Cornwall or do anything else I wished.  God made me their king!

They were impudent and they paid for it, every one of them. Bastards.

But your rein was a disaster for England.

photo: Siebrand

photo: Siebrand

Is that what I am accused of here, of not being as great a warrior as Longshanks, that old curmudgeon? ‘

Well he never liked me and I hope he is spinning in his grave like a top.

Anyway, I never wanted to be King of England. I had no choice in the matter.

You led your troops to disaster at Bannockburn.

Isabella, braveheart, king of englandIf the barons -Lancaster and Warwick and the rest – if they had sent troops to support me I might have prevailed.

Instead they sat at home and sulked and let me do their fighting for them and when luck deserted me they blamed for it.

I wonder, did luck desert me – or was it them that did the deserting?

Your failure against the Scots is one thing. Allowing your private relationships to lead England to civil war is another. You provoked the barons once with Gaveston. Then  you did it again with Hugh Despenser!

Isabella, braveheart, king of englandI had my reasons for Despenser. They are in the book.

You can believe them or disbelieve them as you please.

But surely you can’t think I was in love with him? He was hardly a man of Piers mettle, was he?


Piers meant that much to you? … Will you answer please?

If it was a woman, you would have understood it. History would have made it into one of the great love stories.

Instead I have been pilloried like this!

I have had enough. You have all badgered me all my life, in death you will surely let me be. Talk about me in my absence all you want. I shall answer no more of your questions.

Damn you all!

Isabella, braveheart, historical romance, adventure, historical fiction, romance


ISABELLA, Braveheart of France. The real story.

colin falconer, kitty o'kane, historical romance


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Isabella, braveheart, historical romance, adventure, historical fiction, romanceHISTORY: Call the accused.

Braveheart, Edward, IsabellaYou are Isabella Capet, daughter of Phillip Capet, King of France, and queen consort of Edward II of England.


HISTORY: You are charged by History with deposing the lawful king of England and then having him murdered. What do you say to that?

ISABELLA: I did depose him but I did it for the good of all England. Not a man stood against me when I arrived on the shores at Harwich, what does that tell you?

As to Edward’s murder, I would say: bring me the proof. Others did that, I had no part in it.

HISTORY: But you knew they were going to kill him?

Braveheart, Edward II, Isabella

Edward_II’s_cell at Berkely Castle
photograph: David Stowell

ISABELLA: We offered him retirement, the same concession I was offered when my time came. I lived to a ripe age, I thought he should too.

HISTORY: You knew that couldn’t happen! He was a focal point for rebellion.

ISABELLA: If he was a man others would rally behind how was it that I walked in to England with barely five hundred men and marched to London without meeting resistance?

Besides who should they rebel against? I was regent for my son, who was rightful heir to the throne. You’re wasting my time here.

HISTORY: You had an affair with another man while you were still married to the King of England. This man was ruthless and ambitious and he used you to gain power for himself. You allowed it to happen!

Braveheart, Edward II, IsabellaISABELLA: You mean Mortimer?

HISTORY: There were others?

ISABELLA: Don’t be impudent.

HISTORY: Answer the question.

ISABELLA: If he used me, or I used him, it did neither of us any good in the end, did it?

HISTORY: Why did you do it? You had a comfortable life. He provided for you. It was your duty to obey. He was king by divine right.

ISABELLA: Braveheart, Isabella, Edward III was born to be a queen also, not to be shut up like a nun and play no part in affairs.

HISTORY: Was it your pride that was hurt then?  … Madam?

ISABELLA: How would you have felt then, in my situation? How much humiliation was I supposed to stand?

HISTORY: What would your father have said? He taught you to obey, did he not?

ISABELLA: He taught me to obey him.

HISTORY: And what about your son? How did he feel when he discovered what you did to his father?

Braveheart, Edward II, IsabellaISABELLA: What about what his father did to his mother?

HISTORY: Which was what?

ISABELLA: A woman was not born to be so neglected by her husband. I had a right to his company and …must I say it? To physical comforts. Am I not supposed to say this, because I am of a different time, because I was a queen?

He embittered me. He also underestimated me, didn’t he?

HISTORY: It was revenge, then?

ISABELLA: Imagine what we might have been, if he had not been so weak. If he had been … a real man.

HISTORY: Isabella, did you ever love your husband?

ISABELLA: How dare you ask me that. They buried me in my wedding gown at my express wish. The casket I carried with me to my grave had in it Edward’s heart. Does not tell you something?

HISTORY: It tells me you made your point. My case rests.

So, do we give Isabella leave to speak? Perhaps next week …

Isabella, Braveheart, Edward II

colin falconer, kitty o'kane, historical romance


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