So after writing forty-something books and selling millions of copies in – so far – 23 languages, I find I still have lots more stories to tell. If you love historical fiction, as I do, then I hope there’s something here that you’ll love.



“Utterly absorbing and captivating!” – Mirella Patzer, History and Women

“A magisterial tale.” – UK Daily Mail

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Blood Moon over Zanzibar is out November 22:

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Isabella, Braveheart, Edward II

This is the story of Isabella, the only woman ever to invade England – and win.

“… phenomenal historical fiction. Once you read Colin Falconer, you’ll want to read everything he has ever written …” – Crystal Book Reviews

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Researching books can be fun, but not always.

Sometimes it ‘s hard work and sometimes it’s just plain crazy.

See what I mean in BIG LOVE IN LITTLE CHINA .

HAREM, the book that started it all …

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‘Spectacular historical fiction blazing with intrigue, romance and dramatic action’– Booklist

 ‘Falconer paints an enthralling fictional portrait of the one of the most powerful and beguiling women of all ages.’– Margaret Flanagan, American Library Association

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colin falconerDid I say that research can get hard sometimes?

I have been to the Taklimakan desert, running with bulls at Pamplona and chasing tornadoes in Oklahoma.

But nothing ever compared to like what happened in Mexico City, on prime time TV.

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My latest release!

Set in Sevilla and Granada at the end of the Reconquista.

A story of love, art and genius just before the fall of the Alhambra in 1491.

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East India, Batavia, shipwreck


Cornelia Noorstrandt is a fine lady and a beautiful one, traveling alone on an eight month voyage to the other side of the world, on a tiny and overcrowded ship at a time when most navigation was done by dead reckoning – guesswork. What could go wrong?

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