FURY: Live For Me is re-published

1 May, 2022

FURY, book 1: Live for Me has been rereleased on Amazon in e-book and paperback. It’s also in Kindle Unlimited. It was previously published by Hodder and Stoughton as Fury and by Coolgus as Live for Me. 


2022 releases

18 April, 2022

Three books planned for 2022. First the rerelease of FURY, which will be over two books since the original book was over 200 000 words – too long for today’s market. And second, FEVER COAST, due by mid year.


Foreign Sales

19 November, 2021

Happy to announce that Isabella has sold to the Ukraine and Lord of the Atlas has sold to Serbia and Czech Republic!


The 4th DI Charlie George novel, ‘Cry Justice’… eBook out soon

4 October, 2021

My fourth DI Charlie George novel will be released In eBook October 14th this year and in paperback March 2022. It’s called Cry Justice.


‘Lord of the Atlas’ released May 2021

30 May, 2021

LORD OF THE ATLAS has been released on Amazon today. 

The latest historical epic from Colin Falconer, for fans of Silk Road and Aztec.

Set in the beautiful and the barbaric world of 19th century Morocco, a now-lost world of ancient medinas, crumbling palaces, and wild mountain passes.

Marrakesh, Morocco 1893:  Two former Royal Artillery officers are offered a small fortune to go to Morocco to help the Sultan quell a rebel uprising in the south. Purely an advisory role, they are told.

It seems to them like the easiest money they’ll ever make.

They couldn’t be more wrong…

‘Harem’ soon to be published in Lithuania

23 July, 2020

HAREM has been bought by Lithuanian publisher BRIEDIS. This is its 14th foreign language translation.

Puiki naujiena. Ačiū Lietuvai!


‘Loving Liberty Levine’ soon to be published in Hungary

5 May, 2020

LOVING LIBERTY LEVINE has been bought by Budapest publisher, I.P.C. Könyvek

Nagyon örülök ennek. Köszi Magyarország!


The Third Charlie George novel, Angels Weep…

22 April, 2020

My third DI Charlie George novel is all set to be released in October this year. It’s called Angels Weep. Here’s the recently written blurb…

Three can keep a secret. If two of them are dead.

Two women are snatched off the streets of London in one weekend.

DI Charlie George and his team get to work. The lives of two young women – one of them a mother – are on the line, and the clock is ticking.

When they catch a lucky break from a CCTV camera, Charlie is sure they have their man.

And that’s when he gets his first surprise.

Because nothing about this case is simple.

Not everyone is quite what they seem. Even the ones tied up in the back of vans, pleading for their lives …

Charlie’s job is to find the missing women and get to the truth.

But some people would rather the truth stays hidden – even when the bodies start piling up in the morgue.

Innocence Dies out now…

8 October 2019

The second Charlie George novel, ‘Innocence Dies’ has been released this week in London. Charlie’s back – he likes surprises, but not like this one.

A schoolgirl is found dead in a park in North London and DI Charlie George is not short of suspects – is it her stepfather? Is it a sex crime? Is it race-related?

Charlie finally thinks he has it sorted, with his killer bang to rights. But then his lawyer gets him free on a technicality.

And that’s just the start of his troubles.

He’s been a cop all his life, he thought he’d seen everything . . . But Charlie soon realises, he hasn’t seen anything yet.


Lucifer Falls is released in paperback in the UK

7 June 2019

This is the week that Lucifer Falls comes out in paperback in the UK.  It feels like a long time since the end of 2017 when Little, Brown first showed interest in my manuscript, to their editor reading it ‘in one sitting’, to the hardback and kindle versions coming out last year… to now. But in the world of publishing it’s just the way it is. Generally an 18 month lead in.  I’m now writing number three.

My detective, DI Charlie George, is London born and bred, as am I, so the book finally being widely available in my home town is dear to my heart.

Really hope you can all find it in your local bookshop! Let me know what you think.

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