My Beautiful Spy

“Top notch WWII historical fiction. The story weaves an intensely personal story against the backdrop of espionage and war.” *****

“This book held my interest from page one until the end. I love the way Colin Falconer can bring the 40s to life. You forget that the people you are so worried about are characters in a book. They become real, and you care what happens to them. This is the magic of Colin Falconer. Don’t miss out on any of his books.” *****

When war overtakes Europe, Nick Davis is far away in Bucharest, posted to the British Embassy. But Nick Davis is not a diplomat – he is a spy.

When he rescues the beautiful but mysterious Daniela Simonici, the mistress of a German businessman, his life is changed forever. They fall for each other, hard.

When the Nazis march into Bucharest, Nick and Daniela meet again in neutral Istanbul, and she agrees to spy for him.

But who is Daniela Simonici? And who is she really spying for?

A world war 2 spy novel of passion and intrigue and a searing love story of byzantine intrigue, where two lovers play out the final moves in a deadly game, masterminded in Berlin, Moscow and London.