Live for Me

“Another historical fiction masterpiece by the author who now defines this genre. Colin Falconer portrays true historical events, weaving his story within these events in a way no other author can do. His ability to describe events, develop characters, and place the reader directly within the story creates an enthralling and totally engrossing experience. I cannot recommend this book more positively for anyone who enjoys and appreciates history while also wanting the immersion this experience provides.” *****

“This was a powerhouse of a novel on so many levels. It portrayed raw emotions and actions in an unfortunately genuine era of history. The incredibly dark side of man, his ability to turn a blind eye to evil, his ability to love, and his indomitable will to survive no matter what, are all depicted with brutal sensitivity.” *****

“I’ve never read Colin Falconer before so I had no idea what to expect! Wow!” Booknerd

It should have been boy meets girl. But this is Nazi Germany in 1933, and things like love don’t count for much any more.

Netanel Rosenberg never expected Marie Helder to stand by him. He told her not to, it was too dangerous. She should forget about him.
Even when he is the last Jew left in the town, hiding away in secret, still she will not abandon him.

Her last words to him, when he is finally discovered: “Whatever happens, don’t give up – live for me.”

Through the nightmare of the holocaust, Netanel clings to the promise he made her. But neither he or Marie can imagine what fate has in store for each of them – and what they will have to do to keep their promise to each other.