A Vain and Indecent Woman

“I really like all the Falconer books I’ve read… but this one is going to rank as my favourite.  It’s one-of-a-kind.  “Joan of Woodstock” doesn’t have the historical celebrity status of an Elizabeth I, or Catherine d’Medici; but I’m betting you’ll learn something, and be entertained in the process!”  

“I loved this book…  This captivating historical read was filled with complex and memorable characters that brought history to life.  Joan of Kent was an absolutely fascinating woman whose life and times were captured so wonderfully in this book… I read it. I loved it. I bought it.  It’s an historical read that shouldn’t be missed.”  

England, 1340

One princess. Two husbands. By order of the King.

The true story of Joan of Kent, the English princess who defied her family and her king to win the man she loved.

A princess falls in love with a handsome knight; the stuff of fairy tales, but not very remarkable, even in an age where love was hardly a prerequisite for marriage.

It is the princess, Joan of Kent, who is remarkable. Forbidden by the king to marry, she does so anyway, in secret. When the King discovers what she has done, he is furious. He needs her to make political alliances and forces her to bigamy.

But she will not give up. For ten years she defies them all.

Will she succeed – and what will happen if she does?

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