Fever Coast

Upcoming  Release: September 2022

East Africa, 1750

Lachlan McKenzie doesn’t know why he and his family live on a remote trading post on the slave coast of Africa. The past is best left buried, is all his father will say about it. But then one day three warships sail downriver and turn their guns on their tiny fort.

Suddenly Lachlan is in the fight for his life against a formidable enemy.

His quest for survival and burning thirst for revenge take him from the African savannah and the slave markets of Mozambique, to the Moghul palaces and British redcoat forts of Carnatic India, where he must ultimately decide between the life that he always dreamed of and his sworn promise of vengeance.

But how much revenge is enough?


Colin Falconer books are available on AMAZON in e-book ($3.99 in USA and £2.99 in UK) and in paperback. Most are also in Kindle Unlimited. FEVER COAST WILL BE RELEASED SEPTEMBER 2022.