“A fantastic read.” – Wilbur Smith

“…a writer in the same bare-knuckled school as Simon Scarrow, Steven Pressfield and Ben Kane.” – Steve Donoghue

Babylon, 323 BC

What if Alexander the Great had not died young?

In this alternative history, he has survived every effort to kill him. Restless, ruthless, he wonders which world to conquer next. He has a powerful new weapon—the war elephants he brought back from India.

As Alexander plots, a war elephant named Colossus violently lashes out against the soldiers who are tormenting him, and only one trainer has the courage to calm the massive beast. When Alexander notices the young man’s bravery, Gajendra begins a meteoric climb through the ranks of the Macedonian army, protected by the fierce but devoted Colossus.

As captain of the elephants, Gajendra is deeply loyal to Alexander, the great soldier who plucked him from obscurity. But just when all he has dreamed of is within his grasp, he faces a terrible choice.

Betray his beloved general – or betray his soul.

Colossus is an epic tale of alternative history, of immense evil, pitiless gods and burning cities, of dwarves, priestesses and kings, and of a mysterious bond between a man and a wild animal. 

A general who thought he was a god.

An orphan who thought he was a general.

An elephant who thought he was a man.

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