Cleopatra: When We Were Gods

“If you have read nearly everything on Cleopatra, but not this one, you’re missing one of the better titles. I have read them all, and this is one of my favorites.”  

“Beyond excellent.  Talk about a twist at the end! WOW! If you like ancient Egypt and the story of its greatest Queen then you must read this book.” 

“This is the riveting story of Egypt’s last and greatest queen … a vivid portrait of an unforgettable woman.” Publishers Weekly

Alexandria, 51 BC

Cleopatra is barely more than a girl when she inherits an empire stretching from the scorched deserts of lower Egypt to the shining Mediterranean metropolis of Alexandria, with its famed library and lighthouse.

But it is Rome, not Egypt, that rules the world. Cleopatra’s rule is constantly imperilled by court conspiracies and Roman treachery. She survives at first through her alliance with the great Julius Caesar, a wily politician and battle-hardened general with a weakness for women; and then through her relationship with the charismatic but reckless Marc Anthony.

The stakes in the deadly game could not be higher; the winner will not only win the empires of Rome and Egypt, but lay claim to the future of the entire western world.

This is the riveting story of Egypt’s last and greatest queen – and the two men who almost helped her change the entire course of history as we know it.

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