“I couldn’t put the book down.  Never have I read a book with such a fantastic ending.  The twists and turns and the history and culture is a must read.” *****

“His masterful pacing and uncanny knowledge of what his readers long for makes every Falconer thriller a page turner with surprises waiting for the unwary.  He never disappoints this reader.” *****

‘I will survive,’ he promised the black silence. ‘I will survive and come back to haunt you. All of you…’

Michel. Betrayed by his parents and thrown out onto the dangerous streets as a child, he grows to ferocious manhood in the alleys of Saigon.  He survives to wreak the most extreme vengeance. Possessed of a raw sexuality and the flair of a master criminal, driven by a pitiless hidden violence, he leaves a trail of blood that stretches from the backstreets of Bombay even to the boulevards of Paris.

But when the judge’s gavel cracks across a Delhi courtroom and the world waits for justice, his destiny will hang on one last ironic twist of fate.

The ultimate revenge thriller.