Evocative, brilliantly researched and emotionally complex, TRIAD is an edge of the seat thriller about greed, crime and redemption.

‘There was no God, no justice. But there was such a thing as hell, and he was living in it.’

You should have taken the money.

He couldn’t breathe. He slid down the wall and started to sob.

Why didn’t you take the money?

Hong Kong, in the last days before the British handover.

Sian Lacey is one of the few young women working in the Serious Crime Squad in Wanchai. She has enough to handle without the interference of John Keelan, an arrogant American DEA agent haunted by a terrible secret in his past.

But as Hong Kong counts down to the takeover, they are forced to work together to unravel the truth about the mysterious Ruby Wen.

Ruby owes money all over town to the worst kind of people, including the enforcer of one of Hong Kong’s most notorious triads. Will she help them take down one of South East Asia’s biggest drug rings?

Or is she playing them, like she plays everyone else?

And who is Keelan, and what is he trying to hide?