The Black Witch of Mexico

“This is one great author who knows how to weave a story! The Black Witch of Mexico… is an adventurous setting, with the right amount of occult, all stirred by conflicting love and a battle with one’s soul over personal decisions made”. *****

“Beware if you sell your soul to the devil!  This is a keeper.  I found this book fascinating and well worth the read.  Colin Falconer is a real storyteller.” *****

What would you do if he offered you the one thing you long for, and can’t have?

Adam Prescott has everything; he’s earning big money as an emergency specialist at one of Boston’s biggest hospitals, he has a fancy apartment in Beacon Hill, everything is working out fine.

But when his girlfriend leaves him, it hits him harder than he expected, and he lets himself spiral. On the advice of his boss he takes a sabbatical in rural Mexico – a place where they still believe in magic – and in witches.

A mysterious figure called the Black Crow tells him he can cast a spell and give him anything – anything – he wants … and though he doesn’t really believe in any of it, Adam is tempted.

Anything at all?

Okay, he says. Okay get me my girlfriend back.

And that’s when the nightmare starts.

From the witch markets of Mexico City to the ancient valleys along the Guatemalan border, places still haunted by the statues and ruins of the Olmecs, he is drawn deeper into a world he doesn’t understand. He comes to to question everything he once believed.

Are witches just superstitious nonsense? Or is there such a thing as real evil in the world?

And just how far over the line will he go to get the one thing he can’t have?

The Black Witch of Mexico is a chilling psychological thriller that you absolutely shouldn’t read at night.

And remember, be careful what you wish for – you might just get it.