“Stigmata by international bestselling author, Colin Falconer, is an intricate story with rich characters and an intense plot that proved to be an enthralling read. A touch of Catholic mystery, a broken hero who is trying to rebuild his shattered life, and a heroine blessed/cursed with the ability to heal that keeps her in constant turmoil. It was a turbulent time of heresy, crusades, and the struggles to overcome devastation.

Beautifully written in typical Falconer style with plenty of snap and sharpness, and wonderfully researched, I enjoyed every page of this book. Fast paced, sprinkled with unique and unusual details, and with plenty of emotion, makes this a must read for those who love the medieval period or books about the unexplained mysteries of life. Loved, loved, loved this novel. Riveting!”  History and Women *****

“The story moves along at a cracking pace, the narrative fraught with action and tension at every turn. Stigmata is a powerful tale of religious heresy, crusades, loss and love.” Historical Novel Society

1206: When Fabricia Berenger is struck by lightning in the main square of Toulouse, her troubles are only just beginning. Soon she develops mysterious wounds on her hands and feet – and the other villagers say she can perform miracles. To keep her safe, her family flee into the mountains of the Languedoc and hide her in a Convent. But still the crowds follow her there in search of healing.

Even Philip of Vercy comes from far away in France. He has lost his beloved wife, now his four-year-old son is dying. He sets off to find Fabricia and bring her back to help his boy.

But he reaches Toulouse just as the Pope orders a crusade against the Cathars in the south. Soon Philip is not the only one looking for Fabricia; the Inquisition are hunting for her as well. As the Languedoc convulses into flame and revolt, Philip is drawn into a vortex of passion, vengeance and mystery.

One more step, and he knows he can never, ever, go back.