“If you have read nearly everything on Cleopatra, but not this one, you’re missing one of the better titles. I have read them all, and this is one of my favorites. This is one for real historical fiction fans!”  *****

“Beyond excellent.  Talk about a twist at the end! WOW! If you like ancient Egypt and the story of its greatest Queen then you must read this book.” *****

“Falconer’s Cleopatra is vulnerable, intelligent and liberated, defined by her wit as much as her beauty.” Publishers Weekly

There is no woman in history that excites the curiosity or the imagination like Cleopatra. A life as poignant as it was inspired, this daughter of the Nile simply had no equal in a world ruled by men.

As the last queen of Egypt, she remains one of the most enigmatic figures in historical fiction. Her enemies told so many lies to bring her down; how many do we still believe?

This is the riveting story of Egypt’s last and greatest queen, a look at Cleopatra, the great woman behind the legend. This new and revised edition takes the reader inside the walls of Alexandria’s great palaces, creating a vivid portrait of an unforgettable woman who thrived and triumphed in a world ruled by men.