Well that took longer than it was supposed to …

… I only thought I’d be offline for about two weeks.

In the meantime I got a new self hosted blog that I’m still learning to drive. I’ve dented the coachwork a couple of times but I haven’t run over anyone yet.

I’m still learning what all the new buttons and gizmos are for; haven’t even taken all the plastic off the seats yet.

But while I wasn’t looking ISABELLA got into the top 20 paid on Amazon!

Isabella, Edward II, Braveheartand CoolGus bundled two of my books for the price of one!

LoveIsDangerous_Volume_1Two of my favorite novels for less than five dollars! If you’d like a copy, just click on the link!

Meanwhile, normal service will be resumed. On Friday I’ll tell you about an author called Alexander Cole, and why he’s driving me nuts.

Good to be back!


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Colin Falconer is the bestselling author of thirty novels, translated into over twenty languages worldwide.
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6 Responses to Well that took longer than it was supposed to …

  1. Welcome back, Colin! Missed your posts!
    Regards from NZ,

  2. Margaret Harding says:

    Nice to see you bright eyed & bushy tailed , which would be ok if you were a squirrel ! Other people think it’s a little bit weird. Read Isabella while you were away really enjoyed it. Now read reading ” Naked in Havana” haven’t read enough for my learned opinion yet but soon.
    Glad you back Margaret

  3. violafury says:

    Glad you’re back! Was starting to jones over my lack of amusing, insightful and heart-on-sleeve posts from you! VF

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