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Are you sure you’re not related to Genghis Khan?

There’s a one in two hundred chance that you could be a distant relative of one of the great mass murderers in all history. Much higher, if you were born along the Silk Road.

A pleasant thought.

See why here:

“A magisterial tale.” – UK Daily Mail

Silk Road, Colin Falconer, Genghis Khan

“Callous executions, one-eyed camel drivers, corruption, sin, a heart-wrenching love story, dark secrets, and life and death circumstances are revealed at a fast pace in each brief chapter.

The plot is rich and sure to keep the reader focused on turning the page to learn what happens next – and always to some shocking circumstance or pleasant surprise.

That’s what I loved most about this book – plenty of the odd and unusual to keep me fascinated throughout.It is the richness of the prose itself that truly made this historical era come alive.” –Historical Novel Review

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  1. If we trace the whole of humanity, aren’t we all related to each other?………LOL

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