409px-Bayer_Heroin_bottleBayerHeroinIs that 40 Stone Street, or 40 Stoned Street?




  1. I can think of so many taglines. “It’s good fer what ails ya!” I understand that they used to put laudanum in cough syrup and also prescribed it for women’s “hysteria”. Since I live in an area, where the inhabitants are routinely thorazined (I believe laudanum is a precursor of this particular psychotropic drug) up to the gills and the neighborhood looks more like the set of “The Walking Dead” without the crunchy-munchies, I’d say hysteria has been pretty well conquered in this neck of the woods. I know too, that in later years, they put codeine in Vick’s Cough Syrup, which could be bought over the counter for a long time, until someone figured out that all the winos were slurping the stuff and no one was getting over their sniffles.

    This is all swell, as our nannny-state continues to try and keep us from destroying ourselves, but the winos just moved on to Sterno and I do believe I saw someone drinking brake-fluid at the bus stop, the other day. Although my vision is somewhat sketchy at best, I recognized the shape of the bottle and the coloring. I dare hardly think that anyone with 2 functioning brain cells would drink ANYTHING out of a brake-fluid bottle, unless it was brake-fluid. But then again, they’re sniffing bath salts and eating one another, so none of this shocks me in the least. Glad to see the human race is predictable! Thanks, Colin!

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