8½ quotes about failure that may lead you to success

colin falconer, bestselling author, international, historical romance, historical fiction, romance, adventure


Colin Falconer, romance, adventure, bestseller, historical fiction

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  1. All wonderful quotes and I have aspired to follow every one of them at some point of my life. When people say, “Gee, you’ve led a storied life!” or “Wow, you’ve had lots of wonderful experiences!” I’ve found that usually catastrophe now, makes for a great story later. The bit about Kanye West at the end is so telling. I saw a picture of him wearing a coat, that displayed a Confederate flag. The quotation said something like “I ain’t got time for no books, I’m too busy living” or something equally asinine, totally unaware that he looked like a complete jackleg in that coat with a Confederate flag. Sometimes, irony is just the most wonderful thing on earth!

  2. Beautifully put, Mary. His ancestors would have loved to see him in that flag. But then if you don’t have time to read, how would he ever know?

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